CloudTranslation Online Multilingual Machine Translation API

This API is based on the deep neural network machine translation model independently developed by CloudTranslation, which provides a high quality machine translation interface by training with billions of highly accurate corpus sentence pairs for specific industry. By invoking this API, you can quickly integrate the professional translation capabilities of CloudTranslation into websites, platforms or other application software, giving users a real-time and accurate multilingual environment.

Text Translation API

It provides instant, fast multilingual translation services, using vertical domain models to improve translation accuracy for specific domains.

Document Translation API

Powered by machine translation and document parsing technology of CloudTranslation, it supports multiple file formats for translation with one-click upload and ensures high-quality reservation of the document format after translation.

Language Automatic Detection API

Accurately identify source language of the text and return result of the source language detection.

If you would like to use the CloudTranslation Machine Translation API, please contact and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Appendix 1: Currently Supported Language Codes

Source Language Source Language Code Target Language Target Language Code
English en Simplified Chinese zh-cn
Simplified Chinese zh-cn English en
Japanese ja Japanese ja
German de German de
French fr French fr
Korean ko Korean ko
Spanish es Spanish es
Indonesian id Indonesian id

Appendix 2: Translation Directions Supported by Current Domains

Domain Domain Code Supported Translation Directions
Engineering engineering zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn
Academic academic zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn
Medicine medicine zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn
Politics Diplomacy military zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn
Traditional Chinese Medicine tcm zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn
Finance finance zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn
Tourism tourism zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn
Law law zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn
Oral Language oral zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn
General (Empty) es_zh-cn, es_de, ja_zh-cn, ko_ja, de_fr, en_fr, fr_zh-cn, zh-cn_fr, es_ko, zh-cn_en, en_id, ja_de, ko_fr, ko_es, fr_en, ja_en, es_en, zh-cn_de, en_zh-cn, zh-cn_id, zh-cn_ko, en_ko, es_fr, zh-cn_ja, ja_fr, fr_es, es_ja, zh-cn_es, de_en, en_ja, en_de, ja_ko, fr_ko, de_zh-cn, fr_ja, de_es, ja_es, ko_de, de_ja, de_ko, en_es, ko_zh-cn, fr_de, ko_en
News news zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn
Automobile auto zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn
Patent patent ja_zh-cn, zh-cn_en, zh-cn_ko, zh-cn_de, zh-cn_ja, en_zh-cn, de_zh-cn, ko_zh-cn, zh-cn_fr, fr_zh-cn
Aviation aviation zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn
IT it zh-cn_en, en_zh-cn