CloudTranslation’s Online Multilingual Machine Translation API

中文版 | English Version

Version 1.0 (Last Updated: 2019-02-24)


Service Address

Communication Protocol & Request Methods

Response Format


Request Parameters

Parameter Name Type Required/Optional Description
lang enumerate Required Translation direction, formatted as SourceLanguageCode_TargetLanguageCode. Currently, 16 source languages and 14 target languages are supported. See Annex I for details.
src string Required Source text, UTF-8 encoded and URL escaped

Response Message

Annex I Supported Language Codes

Source Language Code Target Language Code
Simplified Chinese zh-cn Simplified Chinese zh-cn
Traditional Chinese zh-tw Traditional Chinese zh-tw
English en English en
Deutsch de Deutsch de
French fr French fr
Spanish es Spanish es
Portuguese pt Portuguese pt
Italian it Italian it
Russian ru Russian ru
Japanese ja Japanese ja
Indonesian id Indonesian id
Malaysian ms Malaysian ms
Vietnamese vi
Tibetan bo Tibetan bo
Uyghur ug Uyghur ug
Mongolian mn